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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:34 pm 
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So, I took out the 2 way door speakers that I only put in a couple of weeks or so ago and replaced them with component woofers and also replaced the stock tweeters in the dash with the tweeters that go with the woofers complete with their own crossovers.

It took me a while to work out how things were wired up and I'm not sure that I have it right. The speakers themselves came with a very simple wiring loom which, if I was wiring them in from scratch, it would have been a doddle. However, I ended up keeping some of the stock wiring and the colours of the wires simply weren't what I expected. The reason that I kept some of the original wiring is because after far too long trying to thread wires through the rubber duct thingy that carries wires into the doors and making almost no progress, and with light starting to fade (curse you Autumn), I decided to use the wires that were already going in to the doors, and that's when I started getting confused.

Here's what I found:

Drivers side:
The wires coming out of the head unit are green and blue. These seem to be the main feed for the front, right sound. The wires get to the stock tweeter in the dash where there is a 4 pin connector. The other two wires are red and white and these seem to feed the door speakers. Wiring things up to test them certainly seems to back this up. If I attach a speaker to the dash end of the blue and green wires, I get sound. If, instead, I attach the green/blue wires in the dash to the red/white ones, the door speaker starts making sounds. My confusion comes from the fact that when I pop the door cards off, the wires going in to the speaker are blue and green, not red and white. My guess is that there is a connector somewhere and the red/white wires go in but green/blue ones come out. However, I can't see where it is.

Passenger side:
The setup seems basically the same but with different colours. A pink and a purple wire leave the back of the HU and arrive in the dash at the back of the tweeters. Again there is a 4 pin plug and the two extra wires are black and brown. Again, test wirings seem to confirm that the pink/purple wires are the main sound feed from the HU arriving at the tweeter and that the black/brown wires supply the door. However, looking inside the door, the speaker has pink and purple wires going to it. Again, I suspect a connector somewhere changing the wire colours.

I have wired everything up to the best of my ability and it all seems to be working. The woofers and tweeters all make sounds and the combination is much better than what I had before (which was a 2 (or maybe 3) way speaker in the door and the stock tweeters in the dash). However, I just want to check the following with anyone who knows.

So, here's what I'm actually asking:

Am I correct in saying that:
On the drivers side, green/blue wires go from the HU to the dash and then red/white wires go to the door (even if they then become green/blue at some point again).

On the passenger side, pink/purple wires go from the HU to the dash and then black/brown wires go to the door (even if they then become pink/purple at some point again). :?:

And for a bonus question, can anyone tell me which wires are supposed to go to the -ve side of the speakers and which to the +ve? I think I'm OK with the blue/green and pink/purple ones but the white/red black/brown have just been wired up by trial and error.

Like I said, it all seems to be working but I just want to make sure.

Thanks very much for any help offered. :)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:52 pm 

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Finally found a diagram for this weird wiring.


It's good to know that in our car the 4 wires connect to the tweeter via a connector, so there are not 2 wires to the tweeter (well internally probably).

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