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As the Club grows and the number, scope and prestige of the events we organise and attend expands, we feel it necessary to have a few rules governing events and meets organised through the club. We are not being killjoys, and have spent much time formulating these rules to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. We also wish to protect the Clubs image, and protect those who have given their time, effort, and sometimes even money to organising these events on behalf of Club. So here we are:


When at meets, please remember you are an ambassador for our club. All we ask is that you behave in a polite manner, obey driving laws, avoid making excessive noise, think of any neighbours, remove any mess or litter, and generally ensure you do nothing to bring the Club into disrepute. You will be expected to obey any reasonable instruction given by the event organiser or club staff. This should be easy enough and we believe every conscientious member will have no problems with this - we may want to make sure we get invited back next year. However, anyone breaching this guidance may be asked to leave by the organiser, and may be banned from future meets.

Local Meets

We define a Local Meet as a more casual meet designed to appeal to people from yours or the neighbouring county. This is not set in stone, so don't get worried if someone travels from 2 miles into the county beyond that. It is the general spirit of the rule that counts. The occasional MK park-up-and-have-a-burger meets would be a good example of a Local meet. Other than this, Local Meets are unregulated, aside from the rules on behaviour.

Local Meets can be arranged in this forum by any Full Member, and do not need the permission of the Club Management.

National Meets

We define a National Meet as one designed to attract attendees from further afield, either regionally or nationally. La Vie En Bleu, Haynes etc would be examples of this.

National meets can be arranged in this forum by any Full Member after they have the permission of the Club Area Rep for the area in which the meet is planned.


Any meet requiring payment in advance for tickets, a display pitch, camping, hotels, or any similar expenditure, can be arranged by any Full Member, but must be authorised in advance by the Area Rep for which the meet is planned. Meets where you pay for casual expenses, such as ice cream, a burger etc, are not included in this category.

Any member making a firm commitment to attend a meet where payment etc is required, who then withdraws shall still be liable to pay for their ticket or other agreed expense. Anyone organising a meet with such financial costs involved should make it very clear at which point payment will be required.


Meets arrange via the C1OC must only be advertised through C1OC approved channels. For example, by authorised flyers, the C1OC Facebook page, etc.

Other Clubs

Thanks in no small part to Roc's hard work and vision, we are very proud to be the UK's, perhaps even Europe's, most popular CityBug Club for the serious C1, 107 or Aygo enthusiast. We have a laugh and the atmos is great, but first and foremost we are serious about our 'bugs.

We are now in the enviable position where it is our club that has the kudos, the appeal, and the image, and no longer need to piggyback our activities onto those of another club.

Therefore, any event or meet where we are considering inviting another Club must be authorised by the Area Rep for the area in which the meet is planned.

Other Clubs or Organisations wishing to advertise their events on the forum must seek the permission of Club Management before doing so. The sole exception is the French Car Show team, who are a respected and legitimate force within the scene with no affiliation or favour to any one single club.

The Small Print

Feel free to contact Roc, BobPool, Torres 92, Reedy, Doz or myself re any event you would like to arrange. As National Events Rep consider contacting me in the first instance to keep things tidy, but any member of the team will see the message gets passed to the correct people.

Any infringement of the above rules will see the advertised event removed from the forum without warning. Repeat offending may result in further sanctions against those responsible.

The Club Managements decision is final on all matters regarding meets organised through the club, and we will not enter into further discussion. The Club Management reserves the right to over-rule the Area Reps in matter relating to meets, although this veto would only be used in exceptional circumstances. Anyone feeling the need to argue and complain publicly about any decision the Club Management or an appointed Club Area Rep makes may face sanctions

So that's it. It looks awesome and is a lot to take in. However, it really is simple stuff and should not in any way affect the conscientious Club Member who wants to enjoy a get together with some like minded friends. It gives you, the Members, a clearly identifiable local contact for all you meet and event needs, and also offers you some guarantee of a quality, well organised event for you.


Don Bernardo.


PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:57 am 
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There will be times where you may be involved in a convoy, if thats on the way to a meet/event or from one part of a meet to the other. So just a few points on convoying:

As you are representing the CityBugClub you are required to abide by our rules and also the rules of the road, which include speeding, racing, dangerous driving etc.

If you at the front, make sure you can see the person behind, if you are behind make sure you can see the person infront as so the convoy is not split and no one lost.

And so the use of indicators is vital, even when you would not normally use them!

Know your destination! If you get lost you can ask for directions/sat nav.

Where possible have the convoy leaders phone number and the use of a hands free kit.

Just a few tips really to help these convoys run nice and smoothly.

C1OC Administrator

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