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Kari (My 107)
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Author:  PirateTimelord [ Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Kari (My 107)

Bit late after joining I guess, but finally getting to uploading a pic (and maybe more later) of my Pug, Kari. (2014 Active)


This pic is back from October when I first picked her up from the dealer (about 30 minutes prior to pic.) Can't really see as I've resized so not ludicrously huge image, but but there's a small chip in the windscreen (that I noticed 5 minutes after the picture, and that wasn't there when I'd left her to grab a coffee from inside the Tesco car park just before taking the picture. Careless workmen other side of car park went racing up car park and must have sent a bit of gravel flying as they went screaming along. I'd deliberately parked as far from the work as possible to avoid this as well, but means nothing if they race up the park in the trucks. :/)

I've since hit a kerb with the front right wheel a couple weeks ago (misjudged the height of the kerb due to leaf litter when parking partly on pavement as needed on my street), so have scuffed the front right wheel cover and marginally dented the steel rim. (>.<)

Not sure how much/ what I fully want to do mod-wise, but funding is very limited so most things will be a while to get done anyway.

Done so far:
*Dashcam installed/ Hardwired (Mio Myvue 698 dual)
*Passenger light switch fitted
*Glove box lid fitted (though it's a mismatch in colour - light grey lid, dark dash, because I was too lazy to double check before ordering xD)
*Glove box clip to let lid shut properly bought and fitted.
*Interior light delay
*Wind deflectors (G3's)
*Boot light (This.)
*Aero Front Wiper - need to replace, if store one ordered ever arrives xD
*Longer rear wiper
*Front and Rear Mudflaps fitted.
*New Trims (Store set 'A', looking to get black ones when money permits)
*Upgraded Stereo (Kenwood KDC X7200DAB head unit)
*ELM module & Torque App
*Headlamp upgrade
*Heater Control LED changed from orange to blue.
*Variable Intermittent Wiper Stalk fitted (Prius '08 stalk)
*Converted Remote key to Flip remote key

To Do (pretty much in order now, if they get done at all):
*Heated Mirrors - Once Money available.
*Footwell lights (Not decided - not really something I need, and can't decide on a colour if I were to go for it)
*Possibly some soundproofing (Noise not as bad as I was expecting given reviews/feedback around the web when looking into the bugs when I passed my test, but expect would be able to improve.)

Exterior wise I'm not really sure. Also not sure about any interior styling/colouring (I am horrifically indecisive at the best of times xD). I think alloys may be nice, but cost means they are waaaay down list.

I should probably also get to taking some more photos. (Though need to give Kari a proper clean, and see if I can sort the couple minor scratches first.)

Author:  danemersonuk [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Looking good, I unfortunatly picked up a chip on the windscreen driving my new car home from the dealer too

Author:  PirateTimelord [ Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)


Not much exterior visually changed really, but pics taken last month when I was up in Aviemore on holiday with the parents.

Wind deflectors, the new wheel trims (set A from the club shop), and aero wiper visible for front image, and the contoured mudflaps and longer wiper (And decal) visible on the rear. Waiting on delivery of new aero front wiper (as one in image is streaking a bit now) and LED (blue) console light kit to arrive and they'll be fitted. Then I can see if I need to change colour of my stereo much to match the new console light colour or not. :)

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