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Kari (My 107)
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Author:  PirateTimelord [ Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Kari (My 107)

Bit late after joining I guess, but finally getting to uploading a pic (and maybe more later) of my Pug, Kari. (2014 Active)


This pic is back from October when I first picked her up from the dealer (about 30 minutes prior to pic.) Can't really see as I've resized so not ludicrously huge image, but but there's a small chip in the windscreen (that I noticed 5 minutes after the picture, and that wasn't there when I'd left her to grab a coffee from inside the Tesco car park just before taking the picture. Careless workmen other side of car park went racing up car park and must have sent a bit of gravel flying as they went screaming along. I'd deliberately parked as far from the work as possible to avoid this as well, but means nothing if they race up the park in the trucks. :/)

I've since hit a kerb with the front right wheel a couple weeks ago (misjudged the height of the kerb due to leaf litter when parking partly on pavement as needed on my street), so have scuffed the front right wheel cover and marginally dented the steel rim. (>.<)

Not sure how much/ what I fully want to do mod-wise, but funding is very limited so most things will be a while to get done anyway.

Done so far:
*Dashcam installed/ Hardwired (Mio Myvue 698 dual)
*Passenger light switch fitted
*Glove box lid fitted (though it's a mismatch in colour - light grey lid, dark dash, because I was too lazy to double check before ordering xD)
*Glove box clip to let lid shut properly bought and fitted.
*Interior light delay
*Wind deflectors (G3's)
*Boot light (This. Or very similar at least)
*Aero Front Wiper
*Longer rear wiper
*Front and Rear Mudflaps fitted (contoured one)
*New Trims (Was Store set 'A' but One fell off, so now onto black trims)
*Upgraded Stereo (Kenwood KDC X7200DAB head unit)
*ELM module & Torque App
*Headlamp upgrade
*Heater Control LED changed from orange to 'blue'. (used Store LED kit originally but found it overly bright on long night/ dark drives (pity as liked colour). Got 'blue' halogen bulbs but light is more white with tiny hint of blue, but not dazzling bright and brighter than stock orange)
*Variable Intermittent Wiper Stalk fitted (Prius '08 stalk)
*Converted Remote key to Flip remote key
*Leather Gear Knob fitted, and now leather gaiter too.
*Leather Steering wheel cover stitched on.
*Sunstrip (tint not solid strip) - fitted but a bit botched (I messed up and got it wrong way round when prepping/cutting notch for rear view mirror mount. And strip was slightly off centre for the pre-cut, and of course having cut it the wrong way round, meant the notch was in the wrong place (note: when I can be bothered replacing - cut on inside in place. It will make it easier to get the notch in right place xD). So I have a strip with a bit of a gap either side of the mounting point for the mirror, but it'll do for now.
*Extra two 12v accessory sockets installed.
*Heated Mirrors
*Wing Mirror covers (to try and help keep worst of weather off mirrors, as finding the heated glass is a bugger to clean without drying such that visibility is poor)

To Do:
*Rear Window tints (think I'm going with 20% for all rear windows - after my attempt at sunstrip, think I'll pay for it done properly, looking at a little over £100 to get the rear all done))
*Footwell lights (Not decided - not really something I need, and can't decide on a colour if I were to go for it)
*Possibly some soundproofing (Noise not as bad as I was expecting given reviews/feedback around the web when looking into the bugs when I passed my test, but expect would be able to improve.)

Exterior wise I'm not really sure. Also not sure about any interior styling/colouring (I am horrifically indecisive at the best of times xD). I think alloys may be nice, but cost means they are waaaay down list.

I should probably also get to taking some more photos. (Though need to give Kari a proper clean, and see if I can sort the couple minor scratches first.)

Author:  danemersonuk [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Looking good, I unfortunatly picked up a chip on the windscreen driving my new car home from the dealer too

Author:  PirateTimelord [ Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)


Not much exterior visually changed really, but pics taken last month when I was up in Aviemore on holiday with the parents.

Wind deflectors, the new wheel trims (set A from the club shop), and aero wiper visible for front image, and the contoured mudflaps and longer wiper (And decal) visible on the rear. Waiting on delivery of new aero front wiper (as one in image is streaking a bit now) and LED (blue) console light kit to arrive and they'll be fitted. Then I can see if I need to change colour of my stereo much to match the new console light colour or not. :)

Author:  Steve107 [ Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Nice looking 107 you have there, impressive list of mods as well, keep up the good work :D

Author:  PirateTimelord [ Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Need to get some new photos still. Had cleaned her, but dirty again already, and not got adequate time off work/ suitable weather to do it again yet xD.

Got the heated mirrors done as well a couple weeks ago. Well I have driver side done xD. One of the connectors came off passenger side as I clipped it into place, and yesterday I tried to carefully unclip the passenger mirror to reconnect it and ended up shattering the whole thing. (first clip was fine, second was tight, slow prising, then suddenly popped and the backing flexed with last 2 clips sticking, so glass went. >.<) So waiting on the new heated mirror to arrive to try again xD. But at least the wiring is in place now (and luckily I had managed to not damage the original passenger mirror, so I still have a working on in meantime).

Author:  brixtonboy [ Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Nice pictures, how did you post them?

Author:  PirateTimelord [ Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

I put them up on imgur.

Don't use the link(s) to the right, they tend to parse wrongly I find. Once on imgur, right click the image and copy image address. Then use the
tags around that url and it should work. (Or else direct link should work. I'm sure the auto links weren't working before, but just found my email validation hadn't worked previously, so that may have been why)

Author:  Enjay [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Looking very nice. A very late Mk1 model, should be a nice spec.

I love Aviemore (and surrounding countryside). I'm usually up there a few times a year (only a couple of hours from home). Pretty sure I recognise the area where the pictures were taken.

In fact, this was taken just over a year ago very nearby.

Filthy because, well look at the roads! 90-ish miles of gritted roads will do that. :?

Author:  PirateTimelord [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

Indeed. Air con/ fog lights trim level. Think it's essentially the older ones mid level spec as a base level. Tempted to retro upgrade to OEM style DRLs, though it's costly (and wiring will be slightly awkward, as don't think it has the wiring set up for them). Given its £50+ for each side for just the bumper insert replacements with the gap for the DRL units, plus cost of DRLs after, it's not high on priorities xD

It was the carpark/viewpoint before you go on up to the Cairngorm mountain railway in the photo. My parents have a timeshare at the Dalfaber McDonalds resort place (bought before it became McDonalds, who have royally buggered up the place/ timeshare system)

Also just realised - I never did get the wiper stated I was waiting on in that photo xD For some reason, after 5 attempts for the club shop, it just never turned up. Ended up replacing it only a month or so back from Halfrauds xD (And then again a couple weeks later, as first replacement was Halfrauds own brand version. And turns out the clip bit was broken (which explained why it started streaking after a few days). Only noticed when lifting to clean windscreen to do sunstrip and the wiper fell off the arm. Got Bosch aero again and much better :))

Just trying to dry out the interior carpet lining now.
Wondered why inside was so condensed during the frosts, having only just redone my pingi dehumidifiers which normally do a great job preventing it. Discovered my windscreen fluid bottle had fallen over and completely saturated the boot carpet/ insulation attached to it. Took it inside and dried it out for a few days.

Same again yesterday - found drivers mat was sodden (and underneath looking bad). Checked today, and discovered driver side passenger footwell sodden. And guess what caused it? Yep - same bottle of fluid I'd thought was wedged securely upright had fallen over and I'd not noticed >.< So chucked the mat that was there, and wet vacuumed and have dried it as best I can with microfibres and towels/etc xD (And left the bottle of rice I also have inside on top of touch damp level floor now).

So away to get new carpet mat set (as TBH I needed to replace as drivers one fastening bit was knackered - broken clips). xD

Author:  Enjay [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kari (My 107)

PirateTimelord wrote:
It was the carpark/viewpoint before you go on up to the Cairngorm mountain railway in the photo.

That's exactly where I thought it was. Go me! or something. :lol: My picture was indeed taken nearby. About here...


Hope you get all the wet out of the car. If it's still damp, it's worth spending some time in there with a hairdryer/heater/dehumidifier or something. Also, try to check underneath the carpet. It's very easy for water to be trapped under a car carpet and for it to not be obvious from above. If that happens and you don't get it dried, it can go stale and mildewy and once that happens it's almost impossible to get rid of the smell fully.

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