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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:47 pm 
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Drives: 09 Aygo Blue MTM 1.0
I wanted to share some information that may help others. I haven't found much on this elsewhere.

Immobilser chips:
The immobiliser chips can only be used once, they cannot be re-used on different cars and have to be programed in with diagnostic equipment (does anybody know if Techstream does it on Aygos?).

I have programmed used remotes to Aygos, C1s and 107s.

The procedure I have seen on this forum looks fine.

They need to have the circuit board number 73373067D. There is a catch though, I have only recently discovered that there are variants of these boards (I originally thought I was getting faulty ones).

They seem to work if the IC/chip number is:
TX B0 V1.3
1J46W E


I have some that DON'T WORK and have the numbers:
510300 (or 510300A)

The ones that work seem to be manufactured around 2008-2010 (etched onto the PC near the 73373067D number, but difficult to read). The ones that don't work seem to be from around 2005. The dates appear to be coded as weeknumberyear i.e. 0509, 2510, 0805, 2208, etc.

Some have stickers on the battery holder, but I can't work out the relevance, if any of these.

Hopefully this will help others having trouble programming these remotes and maybe other can post their experiences?

Also, in case you can't find it:

Aygo MK1 2005-2014 (& 107 & C1) Remote Programming Procedure {JB}

Prior conditions: Ignition switch is in “OFF” position and driver's door open.
This procedure must be carried out within 2 min, 40secs after turning ignition OFF.

1. Switch the ignition on and then off.
2. Close the driver's door and open it twice (or press and release the door light switch twice)
3. Switch the ignition on and then off
4. Close the driver's door and open it twice (or press and release the door light switch twice)
5. Close the driver's door
6. Lock the car using the driver's door locking button
7. Carry out ONE of these options:
1. Switch the ignition on and then off one {JB}to add new remotes (existing remotes will be retained) OR
2. Switch the ignition on and then off twice to delete current and add new remotes (only deletes remotes if a remote is added) OR
3. Switch the ignition on and then off three times to check the number of remotes programmed (doors lock an unlock once for each remote programmed).
{JB}N.B. For the third option in step 7, the door will lock and un-lock once for each remote programmed. Once complete, proceed to step 13. No remotes can be added with this option. To add remotes, repeat the procedure and carry out option 1 or 2 in step 7 i.e. steps 10 to 12 do not apply if checking the number of remotes programmed.

8. Unlock the driver's door with the locking button
9. The doors will lock and unlock once (for option 1) or twice (for option2) for confirmation (depending on the number of ignition key cycles in option 7).
10. After the confirmation signal press a button on each of the transmitters to be programmed twice, then on all of the transmitters to be programmed.
11. The doors will lock and unlock for {JB}confirmation
12. Repeat step 10 for each remote to be programmed. If option 2 was carried out in step7, then this will need to be carried out on the original remote(s), as all of the original remotes will have been erased from the system – useful if you lose a remote.
13. Cycle the ignition once (or wait for over 2m 40s) to complete the prodcedure and return to normal operation.

Remote PCB number: 73373067D

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:53 pm 
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thanks for guide. I have a C1 2016 model. I have tried to program a key bought from internet.( I got confirmation after method 7 however I couldn't program a new key. I don't get any confirmation of new key added.
After several tries I lost my original key remote capabilities.

Later I found another method to add new key from this page.
Press the Remote Buttons in Sequence on the Remote Fob
Simultaneously push the lock and unlock buttons on the key remote and hold them down for 1.5 seconds. As soon as you release those two buttons, press the lock button. Hold it down for two seconds
. Then your car doors lock and unlock again as a sign that the key fob programming was successful. Open your driver's side door and close it again, and then try locking and unlocking the doors with the remote. At this point, you should have successfully reprogrammed your key fob.

Now I have reprogrammed to work my original key again however I couldn't add any new key.

C1 have two models before 2014 and after 2014. My key looks like exact this one (

Citroen Part numbers: 1612489580 / 1612409480
2 Buttons: Lock and Unlock
Transponder: H - ID74
Frequency: 433 Mhz
Key Blade: TOY40

Citroen Denmark offer a new extra key for 234 USD (1559 DKK), which is bloody expensive.

my question is why other cheap key doesn't work. They have same frequency, Any one have any clue which kind of key may work?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:16 am 

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I've got a Peugeot 107 and lost my remote key fob. I've been trying unsuccessfully to add an additional keyfob using several PCBs bought from ebay. I get into programming mode with the door opening dance, but neither of the three PCBs I have work. I can confirm they they all transmit on 433.925MHz. If you hold down a button, all of them transmit twice with a one second gap. There seems to be some sort of reset that means pressing both buttons at once doesn't transmit without pressing unlock or lock first.

Given the info posted by JB1968 I'm starting to believe I have 3 duds. I have one 73373067D and two 73373067C. One of the Cs has a 2204 manufacturing date but the other has no date. The D has a 2405 date. All 3 have the 75078020 chip on them.

Am I definitely out of luck here?

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